Think... imagine.... dream... & finally realize who within you "IS" thinking... imagining... & dreaming... Such realization brings "you" to this Moment where Space Presence Silence & Peace reveals it self to be the very end of a New and always fresh Begging, where everything and no.thing takes place. Life it self Loving the beauty of realizing it self... within it self.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Neither the Sun the Water the Air nor the Earth claim to be superior... Yet they share there fruit with each other. Such wisdom provides the Balance & Harmony of the whole.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neither the apple nor the sun waits for nothing... Both simply are Life Living and never waiting... One with the Moment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What if...

What if...

Life has been experiencing itself from the very begging, living Life after Life, creating all kind of experiences, playing a game where the main actor was is and will always be you.

What if...

The will within you was to realize that it was you from the very beginning creating yourself just for the joy of realizing yourself in all that was is and will always be.

What if...

Life could only knew it self by recognising it self and Re-creating it self.

What would you choose...

The innocence of “not knowing” and therefor surrender to that space where the mind silences it self and ideas have no existence. Leaving only what “IS” So life can reveal it self to it self.
Or would you rather live a life thinking that you know who you are, living a dream with a beginning and an end, where you feel trapped in time hoping that death does not come soon, struggling for a better tomorrow and ignoring the Present & magical Moment called "LIFE".

Death and birth are One and the same, without death there is no birth without birth there is no death. Death is the past revealed in Present Birth is the Now it self and eternity is the Future revealed in the Moment.

People run after happiness

People run after happiness such belief arises from a lack in not knowing who we are, so therefor happiness is taught to be found outside of us. We turn left we turn right we go up we go down we go all around, in search for that happiness.
All this without realizing that happiness is not out side of us because happiness is not a thing.
What we call things has a beginning and an end a limited nature therefor they provide limited happiness.
Contemplating Life is not limited it will only be limited if one chooses to stop contemplating, so one might say that true and ever lasting happiness is a state of Being such state arises from accepting Life to be as it “IS”. Not as think it is, because even a thought is limited thing therefor one must choose the unlimited perspective, a choice that arises from accepting and allowing your self to see Life and Be life with no boundaries and no interference of thoughts at all.
One must see and accept everything even interference as part OF the unlimited that Life IS, everything that happens including thoughts including emotions feelings and actions, all are parts of the unlimited that you can accept and see has being part of what "IS".
So once more people run after happiness and will continue to, till the day that they realize happiness is within the moment it self, not a part of it but the whole unlimited moment that "IS".

One must Observe...

Can One believe in Himself? Is there truth and value in One´s own belief?
One can believe in everything One can believe in others or in his self.
But belief is a two way drive to a dead end or a creation with an unlimited end.
Belief will only become value when One Observes the path of both ways and through honesty realizes the golden “path” of realization.
Every Belief anticipates a result that validates or not the root of such belief, One must Observe and be conscious of such value through honesty the wise One shall attain stability and Light for his own journey.

A World Awakening...

Some may say it does not make sense a World AWAKENING it is not possible such manifestation, others might say it is a need that the World desperately call for, while others are slowly and simply recognising the obvious it is a will of Conscious Life towards life it self to Awaken.
It is within Life´s will to Love and Live Happy and free, it has been this way from the beginning of times, humanity has always searched for happiness a happiness that was never completely fulfilled. Today Humanity finds it self in a circle of time were answers and solutions no longer seem to appear.

Some may say there are many that do not recognise such will, while others may say it does not matter how many recognise such will, but indeed if "I" I self do recognise such a will.
Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world". Because Gandhi himself recognized the will.

A Connexion is Happening all around the world, life is connecting it self to it self through an ancient yet Universal language called LOVE. Millions of people are NOW communicating with each other recognising that they are not alone in this will for happiness.

The prophecies and the ancient civilizations spoke of New Era yet to be born, in some the end of the world is mentioned others speak of a change a shift in one´s life.

The end also means a beginning, the love that we are now sharing with each other is awakening the love within each and everyone of us, it is no longer a matter of who but a matter of you and you only.

So Join your Hearts will, and you will find Happiness and joy in such sharing, slowly a New world will raise and make sense has the old One drops it self to a past that no longer has a place in the Present moment.

Love & Peace 2 all

Everything in Life is pushing us to the moment

It is life's will to live Happy and free, one can say that this is not reality that life is not free & happy at all times. One can say that total Happiness and freedom is not the state of life in today's World, that such realization is far to be accomplished and yet to be considered as a true and possible state in one´s reality.

Life is freedom and Happiness, however such freedom and happiness seem far away from being the truth. Yes! It is true that it seems far from reality but such perspective raises from the limited One, from the one who looks at the world without an inner meaning.
We tend to blame and value the outside things in the world for everything that happens in our lives, has if we were not truly free has if destiny luck and coincidence were ruling our life's in such way that the outside world became our only reality.

Such reality is waking us up it is pushing each and everyone of us to the moment. Why is that so? Because it is in Life's will to realize such freedom and happiness because reality and Living is all about the moment, it is within the moment that One sees his inner reality and slowly becomes conscious of a new world, a reality where One can accomplish such state of freedom and Happiness.

Life is using the outside world to push us to the inner world to the moment where everything happens, people all around the world are finally starting to wonder what is going on with there lives why did this or that happened to me? The outside world is not capable anymore to answer all the Questions that One is willing to ask.
Such questions are also stopping the notion that one has of “Time” people are becoming more aware of the moment and noticing that it is within the moment that the reflection meditation and awareness happens an with it an inner Knowing is taking place.

The outside world is being used by you to you, so your unconscious state can become conscious of the happiness and freedom that “One” is willing to live, such doing is a paradox for the Human mind, manifestations such as being fired divorced loosing your house your business disease stress financial debts and much more are the tools that One is using to stop in time, and realize that Life is the moment.

The moment is the door way to such freedom and Happiness, to step in you must first step out of time, so you no longer identify your self with the worries of tomorrow or the fault of what yesterday happened, Life is the NOW this very moment where One can see and validate on his own what him and only him can validate. Words can be expressed, films, speeches, and all manifest world can claim a way to that happiness and freedom, but none will succeed until You and only You give that chance to yourself to actually believe in such freedom and Happiness within you.